• The below following countries has signed The Hague Treaty, through which a document issued in one of the signatory countries can be certified for legal purposes in all the other signatory states. Such a certification is called an apostille. It is an international certification comparable to a notarisation in domestic law, and normally supplements a local notarisation of the document.

      Therefore, the Embassy in India does not legalize the following personal document of Indian National. These documents need to be apostille by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi and further, can directly be used in Dominican Republic.

      • Birth Certificate
      • Marriage Certificate
      • Divorce Record
      • Death Certificate
      • Diplomas
      • Police clearance certificate

The Embassy in India only legalize the commercial documents which should be notarized, attested by chamber of commerce and Ministry of External Affairs of India.

Legalization Fee : 2500 Rs. should be paid in cash.


Subsequently, All other nationals can get the legalization done on the personal as well as commercial document which needs to attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country concerned.

Legalization fee : 85$ to be deposited in dollar account of the Embassy of Dominican Republic. For more details, please write to us on